Faseal Marketing has been catering class goods to manufacturing firms, semiconductor plants, and local government units and entrepreneurs.

The company specializes in janitorial and sanitation chemicals made from eco-friendly raw materials. It also builds quality maintenance contractors and even covers products for housekeeping and car care.

To promote the use of environmentally friendly disposal systems. Faseal Marketing supplies waste management equipment such as Go Green Bioreactors, Bio-Shredder, Plastic Pulverizer, Glass Pulverizer, and etc.

Equipment used in slaughter houses, materials recovery facilities, controlled landfills, and poultry, as well as piggery farms, are also supplied.

Moreover, to further boost its positive impact on the environment, it offers quality products, from eco-friendly raw materials distributed through on-time deliveries with affordable pricing. Not only does the company care for the environment, but it also seeks to build relationships with customers and be of sevice to the community through worker employment and welfare programs. Through our passion and dedication, we will strive to be recognized as the most innovative, convenient, and known for its sevices that offers original quality and results that will exceed expectations and set new standards.


Awarded as

“Best Premium

Quality Janitorial

Cleaning Chemical


by Q ASIA Magazine